News - January 1, 2021

Indoor Pickleball play has fewer courts for us to use and there will be times when the courts are full and players are waiting to get into a game.  The busiest times seem to be mornings from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.  The CVPC Board recommends that during this time, if the courts are full, play should be one game to 11 and all four players come off the court when their game is done.  "One & Done"

Players who are waiting may then take a court in order of their wait time or use a paddle line to determine who's next.  Players may opt to play with their select group or choose to mix it up with other players.  Just remember "One & Done" to allow for all players a fair chance to use the courts.


There are less busy times to use the courts and players may set up times outside of open play to play with your select group or to drill and practice.

When you come to play, check to see if more nets need to be set up.  It's fair that you help set up another net before you expect to get into a game.

When you are done playing, see if any nets need to be taken down and help with take down and putting the nets away,

Please help the facilities you play in be a welcoming environment for all Pickleball players.  Follow the covid-19 rules and be safe.


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